WiFi Clock


After 200 schools and 20 hospitals have used our RDS clock in Hong Kong, we have launched the WiFi clock in 2018 Q1:

l   It connects to the internet automatically.  Like RDS clock, it is synchronized with the atomic clocks also!

l   When RDS clock cannot be used due to poor FM reception, you may consider to use the WiFi clock.


Difference between WiFi clock and RDS clock


The principle is, the WiFi clock is able to connect to internet through WiFi automatically.  So wherever you have WiFi router at home, in the office or school, it can get the accurate time from the time server on the internet.  Because it does it once per day, so the time error does not accumulate, and the time is always correct!


2 pcs of primary lithium batteries are included.  They can last for almost 2 years.  Unlike carbon zinc and alkaline batteries, its electrolyte does not leak easily.  So the clock won’t be damaged by the electrolyte easily.


User manual (Ver A/B)


User manual (Ver C)


User manual (Ver D)


Configuration Dongle User manual


Prices and models:


Unit price

WF11BU1   11” blue, glass face


WF11SV11  11” silver, glass face


WF11SV11-P  11” silver, plastic face


WF14SV8   14” silver, glass face


WF14SV8-P   14” silver, plastic face


WF18SV12  18” silver, glass face


WF24BR10  24” brown, glass face


Primary lithium battery AA size