Mission and Vision


ACCUE endeavors to produce timekeeping devices with best precision and accuracy available to Hong Kong, and save you from wasting time on changing your clocks every once in a while and worrying if the clocks around you are accurate!


Long before the brand ACCUE was established in 2013, the company had been one of the biggest suppliers to major clock companies, such as Casio and Citizen; this is where it gained enormous experience in RCC clock. Having seen that there were no reliable auto-synchronizing clocks in Hong Kong while producing the product for foreign markets, it thought that Hong Kong not making use of the time service was a waste, and therefore decided to develop its own brand, ACCUE, to start designing RDS clocks for Hong Kong exclusively.


In the foreseeable future, we will dedicate to developing new products, such as RDS desk clock, to cater to different market needs and benefit everyone.