About RDS


Never a second out - quartz era is over!


ACCUE RDS Clock, with patented technology, makes exactly accurate time available for Hong Kong. As long as ACCUE RDS Clock is placed within FM stations’ coverage areas, it can receive Radio Data System (RDS) time signal, and accordingly display the exactly accurate time.


There are various RCC clocks that synchronize with RCC time signal, which is another time signal system that is transmitted by only five countries, available in Hong Kong at present. However, the nearest RCC transmission stations are located in Henan of China, and Kyushu of Japan. With more than 1200km of distance from the two transmission stations, the RCC signal that can be picked up by an RCC clock is not strong enough for a reliable synchronization.


On the contrary, ACCUE RDS Clock selects and locks on local radio channels that transmit correct time signal* with our patented technique, hence offers reliable accuracy with convenience.



About WiFi


WiFi is a wireless way of connecting a device to internet. It is a worldwide standard IEEE 802.11. This is why your mobile phone can connect to the internet through WiFi all over the world when you are travelling. 

For your mobile phone or WiFi clock to connect to the internet, there got to be the WiFi router or the AP (Access Point) for your mobile phone to talk to. They have a name called SSID (Service Set Identifier). To use it, most of the router needs you to provide the password in order to use it. 

On your side, your mobile phone or WiFi clock has a unique MAC address (Media Access Control address). Due to security, some organizations allow only approved MAC addresses to use their network.