Does my ACCUE RDS Clock have a clocking error?

Yes and no. When the RDS signal is well received, ACCUE RDS Clock auto-synchronizes the clock every 12 hours and keep the daily error within ±0.432 second, not accumulatively. As for when the signal is very weak or not received, you can switch to M SET (Manual Setting) mode and change the clock manually. Your ACCUE RDS Clock will now be running on a quartz movement and its daily clocking error of ±0.864 second will be accumulated.


Does my ACCUE RDS Clock stop running when the reception is bad?

No. If your ACCUE RDS Clock cannot receive the signal, it still runs. However, it will not be able to auto-synchronize the time twice a day until it can receive FM signal again.


How do I know if the reception is bad?

If the reception is bad, your ACCUE RDS Clock may tick once in every two seconds.


What should I do if the reception is bad on my ACCUE RDS Clock?

We suggest you to leave your ACCUE RDS Clock near the window overnight for it to auto-synchronize when there is less interference. At the same time, we do not suggest you to use your ACCUE RDS Clock in a metal closed space, such as elevator.


Would my ACCUE RDS Clock work if I bring it overseas.
Once your ACCUE RDS Clock leaves the coverage areas of the designated radio stations, it cannot auto-synchronize the time accordingly. It will tick once in every two seconds if it does not receive RDS signal. At this time, you can switch to M SET (Manual Setting) and change the clock manually. Of course, it will be running on quartz movement.


Does my ACCUE RDS Clock signal when the batteries almost run out?

Yes. When the batteries almost run out, your ACCUE RDS Clock still runs, while the seconds hand of your ACCUE RDS Clock will only stay at 12.


What does it mean when all of the three hands of my ACCUE RDS Clock stay at 12 for more than thirty minutes, and the red phantom light keeps blinking?

This means that your ACCUE RDS Clock is searching for time signal. Generally, ACCUE RDS Clocks can finish synchronizing after being placed near the window overnight as the signal is stronger during night time.